Voyonic Marine Catering Services: Menu budgeting

13 November 2014

Aberdeen: Master chef Henry Anderson is adamant that food at sea can be better and cheaper. The founder of the UK’s Marine Catering Services (MCS) says owners are scrutinizing every aspect of a ship’s day-to-day budget and his team can help cut costs. MCS achieves this by preventing unnecessary food wastage, preventing overstocking and food produce being out of date by correct training of chief cooks and Masters, and the training of staff to ensure structure, quality of food and the standard of menu is correct for nutritional value to come in line with clients’ budget.

MCS has a new victualing program. As well MCS trains catering staff, masters, Shipmanagement teams to the required level of ILO/LMC 2006 onboard merchant vessels. There’s also an onshore course to aid fleet directors and superintendents to achieve the required level of ILO/LMC 2006. On top of that MCS has onshore culinary training courses in Manila in the Philippines,

Anderson, 53, worked for large catering companies both on and offshore from 1976 until 2000. He then became a training development chef for a large catering company on merchant sea going vessels.

He founded MCS in 2004 because, he says, “I saw where I could make improvements in training and across the board.