Voyonic MCS Consultancy has a wealth of combined knowledge of the Catering Industry drawing from its collective 30-year professional experience, gained from providing its advisory services in the following areas:

  • Oil drilling rigs and support vessels
  • Oil and gas carrier fleets
  • Exploration vessels
  • Mining camp sites and large industrial units
  • International hotels and restaurants

Voyonic MCS Consultancy can provide:

  • Advice to shipping companies on compliance requirements making legislation relevant and understandable.
  • Bespoke client solutions
  • Galley specifications and layout advice in structuring a design to fit a particular service requirement. The Voyonic MCS design will include lighting, ventilation, floor, and equipment stability and comply with statutory legislation of food hygiene and handling (HACCP).
  • Health and Hygiene management and catering staff training.
  • Menu structure, meal plans and healthy options, created to fall in line with any fleet-budget control.
  • Nutritional/diet specifications for divers.
  • A five-week food menu cycle, including recipes to match cooks’ levels of competency.
  • Chandlers for each port, in line with vessels’ budgets.
  • Voyonic MCS Stock control system, which covers man-day cost, daily wastage, material control and if required – Bonded page can be active at client’s request.
  • A complete system of Catering Practice manuals
  • Ship management workshops onboard post training for criteria evaluation.