About Us

Who we are

VOYONIC Marine Catering Services has provided catering and housekeeping training since it was founded in 2004 by industry renowned chef, Henry Anderson.

Having built his reputation over many years training cooks around the world both on and offshore, Henry is passionate about passing his exacting standards across the marine catering sector and delivering direct solutions to catering staff and Ship Management Teams (SMT).

While competitors have turned towards distance-learning formats to train catering staff and ship management teams on issues such as HACCP food safety management, stock rotation, menu planning and eliminating waste, MCS sees the value in face-to-face training to get past language barriers and engage masters, management teams and catering staff in a way they can’t be reached through a screen.

“With a proven track record of more than 180 positive references and the excellent pass rate for all crew post-training, it’s no surprise MCS has established itself within the offshore industry for its high standard of service and development of on-board catering.”

Meeting ILO/ MLC standards

VMCS can provide professional and competent training to the offshore and marine sectors and will ensure that your company is ready for the recently enforced ILO/MLC 2006 regulation changes.

VMCS’s training recognises how every member of the International Labour Organisation is responsible for the proper standards of food supply and catering service for the officers and crews of its sea-going vessels, whether publicly or privately owned. MCS strives during this time to produce these given standards to the correct departments.

VMCS provides an onshore course on national laws and regulations for ship management companies, their superintendents and staff and incorporates training for fleet managers, fleet directors and on-shore staff to current ILO/MLC 2006 3.2 regulations.


The Royal Craft and Guild of Chefs
The Scottish Federation of Chefs
The Association Francaise Culinaire
Institute of Hospitality


Henry Anderson has successfully competed in many salon culinaire competitions to international level and has accrued many awards.