Testimonials from vessels between 2000 and 2014

Year-2000 LNG Vessel Masters Report on MCS:

Mr.Anderson joined this vessel in Bonny Nigeria on 28.10.00 and departed in Montour on 11.11.00. During this period he has undertaken to introduce and implement his company’s policy on catering and hotel services in a very efficient and forthright manner. I must confess to being suspicious of the motives for such an enterprise but, after gaining an appreciation of what was involved, must say that this sort of undertaking should have been considered years ago. He has been an excellent tutor who’s enthusiasm for his job is infectious. It is perhaps unfortunate therefore that he should be appointed to a vessel whereby the chief cook was to be relieved at the next port. I am advised by Mr. Anderson that this is the fourth such occasion this has happened to him so clearly the logistics of his appointment were not clearly thought out. We are extremely fortunate on and in having a good chief and second cook on here both of whom can easily cope with all the dishes suggested in the monthly planner plus much more. This has by his own acknowledgment, made Mr. Andersons job easier than on previous but they have nonetheless benefited by being shown various techniques and methods based on his experience as a top line Chef. The catering staff, at the moment has adopted all the measures introduced by Mr. Anderson and it will be my responsibility to ensure that the new Chief cook will do likewise. The stock control if anything is easier to work than the existing one and should present no problem. The most significant benefit on on-board from this exercise has been the education of catering staff in food preparation and hygiene, yours truly has learned a good deal from the project even after 40 years at sea! In conclusion I will reiterate in saying that it is a fully worthwhile enterprise and has my best wishes for its continued success.

Year-2001 LNG Vessel Masters Report on MCS:

Mr. Anderson was able to commence the training part of his remit, which he carried out in a direct, forthright manner. The messmen, who were under the impression that a messman’s life did not require a great deal of thought input, were left in no doubt that their standards were not acceptable under the new regime. Needless to say, their standards have improved during the voyage. Mr Anderson also carried out some training with the Master and Staff Safety Representatives. It can thus be seen that Mr. Anderson has worked hard and achieved much during his time on board, for which he has my thanks, and no doubt that of the rest of the ship’s company. He managed in addition to find just a little time to treat the staff to some of his own cooking, which was very well received. To sum up, I have found Mr. Anderson to be a very strong character and it has undoubtedly been effective. From the results in the last few days, now that the stock control program has genuine figures, and is being used correctly, on board cost should remain well within the budget as set. I thank Mr. Anderson for his time and effort, and look forward to sailing with him again in the future.

Year-2002 LNG Vessel Report from Masters on MCS:

Mr Anderson has impressed me with his knowledge and training skills. The standards of hygiene have improved junior members of catering staff have responded well to his efforts. The chief cook is nearing the end of his contract and Mr Anderson has spent time with the second cook In order that he can be promoted to replace the chief cook and maintain continuity with the refit due in six weeks. Mr Anderson’s efforts are very much appreciated and have helped me.

Year-2002-Australian LNG Vessel NW Sea Eagle Masters Report on MCS:

Mr. Anderson’s visit has been of great help to us in quite a few areas. Although there have been no complaints with standards of food on board prior to this visit, there were various difficulties being faced by the newly promoted cook steward with his general galley management and IT skills. I am pleased to say that whilst on board Mr. Anderson has focussed on the weakest areas of galley management and has taught the staff and myself a lot of useful things. He has had an uphill task of training the chief cook on his computer skills and has put in considerable effort and time with good results. We hope to benefit in the near future from better and more organised stock taking and cost monitoring.

Year-2003 LNG Vessel Report from Masters on MCS:

The objectives of the visit by the Consultant have been achieved and there has been a very noticeable improvement in the standards of catering onboard. However, there is a very important need for a review in 6 months, of the progress made in the training and development programme for all the catering staff onboard, particularly the nationals. There will of course be more catering staff joining within the next 6 months, who will be on their first trip to sea and/or have not yet been involved in the onboard training and development programme. Therefore, these newly joined catering staff in particular, will require guidance in their onboard training from the Chief Cook/Steward and assistance from other catering staff onboard who have already been introduced to the onboard training and development programme. The feedback from the catering staff on the training they have received from Mr Anderson was positive, and they all commented that their training was fair and beneficial to them all. The catering staff commented that the training course and examination on health and hygiene given to them onboard was far better to understand and to learn than the health and hygiene lecture they were given ashore.

Year-2004 LNG Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

Although the Catering Department was already working to a high standard, with the help and assistance of Mr Anderson, their skills have been fine- tuned and the Catering Department as a whole has been re-invigorated and are now working to a new higher standard. Motivating the Catering Staff to do this has not been easy, especially as they are all nearing the end of their tours (3 weeks remaining). On behalf of the SMT I would like to thank Mr Anderson for all his hard work and attention to detail which has “fine-tuned” the Catering Department aboard LNG Rivers.

Year-2004 LPG Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

Accommodation cleaning- the timing of arrival of Mr.Anderson onboard was greatly appreciated and much needed, the state of the accommodation had been obviously allowed to deteriorate over many months and was not up to standard. A program of carpet cleaning and thereafter deep cleaning had been drawn up and underway, but Mr. Andersons arrival assisted in fully addressing what was required and he was then able to closely monitor the catering staff to the standards that were expected and drive them and bring the accommodation back to what is now acceptable for an old vessel. Menus – The menus previously produced by the chief cook were reasonable, although had become mundane, a suggestions sheet had been put out on order of the Captain, but this should have been thought about by the Chief cook himself. Mr.Anderson has now fully trained the catering staff in different elements including improvements in their cooking and baking skills, along with the introduction of a new menu program/cycle. This has been a welcome improvement to all onboard and assisted in lifting spirits. The cooking standards of the Chief cook before Mr. Anderson’s arrival were good compared to others I have sailed with, but again improvements have been noted. Stores/Fridges/Feeding costs – The state of the fridges/stores had also been allowed to deteriorate over a period of many months with a complete lack of management to stock rotation or control and general hygiene. This directly affecting the feeding costs onboard, which were very high, as it was unknown on what stocks remained or what was being used, with figures being “adjusted” in the stock program to make them reasonable without resembling actually what was onboard. This was mainly due to the Chief cooks’ laziness of procedures and I was told that he did not know how to carry out daily costings etc, and that end of the month checks were carried out. Mr.Anderson has now fully organised the stores/fridges in to easily manageable areas, and carried out intense training on hygiene and stock control. He has also carried out training with the Chief cook on use of the stock program sheets and daily costings to which he is now fully conversant and able to manage. This task alone was not an easy one due to their state, and much thanks has to be given to Mr.Anderson in being able to sort out months of neglect. Through his training, Mr.Anderson has now proven that the catering staff onboard does have the ability and knowledge to carry out all aspects of their duties and responsibilities to the standards required, and this can now be taken forward and carried on as should be. Many thanks has to be given to Mr.Anderson in bringing the vessel back to its present standard in all areas, though this should have not been allowed to get to such a state, and I will look forward to sailing with him again, hopefully where more of his time can be given to further improvements and development of a good team, rather than brining a poor one up to scratch.

Year-2005 Lng Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

When Henry joined the chief cook was struggling with a Nationalisation first trip staff. The second cook had little or no knowledge, enthusiasm or capability and one of the messmen was well below standard. Despite his best efforts the 2nd cook was not acceptable and the best messman was promoted to 2nd cook and has responded very positively and capably under Henrys tutelage and is now very capable with a development plan to meet his needs. The other messman has also improved and progressed. The Chief Cook now has a more capable team to work with following Henrys departure. The positive impact of Henrys efforts is there for all to see and on behalf of the SMT I must extend our sincere thanks to him for efforts which have extended well beyond his brief in both helping out whilst the ship has been short staffed due to difficulties arranging visas to allow replacements to join. The Nationalisation program is posing new problems due to lack of experience of new staff and cultural interfacing required, but I am sure with Henrys ability and enthusiasm this can be overcome successfully and hotel standards will be maintained. His attention to healthy eating and vegetarian diet requirements brings a well-needed balance and important element to our catering regime, which cannot be ignored. A very successful and much needed visit, come back soon.

Year-2006 LNG Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

Having joined the vessel at the same time as Henry, I cannot comment on standards prevailing before his arrival, other than to say that no particular deficiencies were highlighted. However, deep cleaning was required in some areas of the accommodation such as vents scuppers etc. The vessel sailed without a 2nd Cook from 02/04/06 until 15/04/06. This impacted on Henry’s training programme as he performed 2nd Cook duties in addition to his own training workload. Two new messmen and a new 2nd Cook joined the vessel on 14/04/06 and this effectively meant that Henry had to start training afresh with them.
Some errors in stock control and accounting were detected by MCS. These seem to have originated with the Chief Cook making “estimates” of stock used, which kept man/day rates acceptable whilst hiding a growing deficit of stock onboard. Errors have now been corrected by MCS. The menus provided have been expanded to provide wider choice, including healthy options and vegetarian options. Henry is a perfectionist and he has performed to a high standard throughout his time here. His professionalism and enthusiasm for his job show in all his activities.

Year-2006 LNG Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

Chef Anderson has worked very hard with the Catering Department during this period, he has had to put up with a lot resistance, however at the of the training session and the morning closedown talk which I attended all, the Catering Staff expressed their gratitude and thanked Mr Anderson for improving their standard and efficiency. The ship is now up to standard due to Mr. Anderson’s persistence. Standards have been improved, the accommodation is looking a lot better, fridges and galley has been cleaned and tidied up. There has been minimal disruption during the period. Master, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer and FAO have been given a full induction with regard to the working knowledge of the HACCP code of safe working practice. Mr Anderson has introduced the HACCP system on board and now It is a lot more easier to check and monitor the vessel‘s system of work. The Catering Staff knows what they have to do and their cleaning as per new checklist and schedules. A worthwhile visit by MCS, and I would welcome Mr. Anderson back on any ship of which I am Master. Marc Hoareau

Year-2007 LNG Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

The new catering staffs working routines have now been set up and the food safety management system put in place. Mr Anderson has fully explained the changes to the onboard staff and guided the chief cook to ensure he fully understands his responsibilities, and is able to continue implementing the system once he leaves. Having Henry onboard during these changes has ensured a seamless transition and has helped to reinforce the company’s commitment to the required new standards.

Year-2007 LNG Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

Henry has introduced HACCP and given full guidance to all catering Staff, Master, C/E and the SAO. He has also rolled out new hotel services and it has been noted by staff the difference and quality of accommodation and other areas. Henry is very effective in his training programme and fully devoted to the job and catering staff are now working to better standard in all areas.

Year-2008 LNG Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

Mr. Anderson has carried out comprehensive training during the available time and has improved standards in those areas that were not up to his and industry levels. He has cooperated with and informed the SMT in all aspects and I have found his instruction particularly helpful in the areas of costing and control, which needed improvement. It has been a pleasure to have him sail with us.

Year-2008 LNG Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

The period before Mr Henry Anderson boarded the subject Vessel was turbulent as the Galley staff was new and the stores were in shambles. There was no initiative from the Chief cook’s side, despite being guided on umpteen occasions. This was leading to a lot of distractions from the normal course of work and attending to routine tasks of the ship. After Mr Henry Anderson boarded the vessel, the feedback about the Galley staff became much more clearly as the inconsistencies were immediately brought to notice. The HACCP system was detailed to all the Galley staff, with immediate improvements in the cleaning, appearance and cooking areas. The food became much more palatable and the Galley staff much more stable and organised. All of the above was achieved with Mr Henry Anderson being personally present and working with the Galley staff. When the Chief cook was tested to carry the system put in place it sadly failed as he could not carry with the normal cooking abilities, management or hygiene standards which were there in place. The standards were boosted back with the 2nd Cook being used in the fore by Mr Henry Anderson to much better effect. The Galley was stabilised instantly and the 2nd cook complied with Mr Andersons Instructions and developed while doing so.

The Ship staff is completely grateful for the following efforts of Mr Henry Anderson

  • For working in the Galley with the Ship staff as per their timings
  • In providing food of a high standard which included vegetarian and healthy option
  • Management of the Galley
  • Setting up of the routines Housekeeping and HACCP systems.

Year-2009 LNG Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

Mr. Henry Anderson has performed his HACCP and Culinary training on board with all his expertise and commitment. All on board have benefitted with his presence on the Belanak. Due to his jolly and firm attitude towards training the staff has already started showing good results. I do agree with his findings and advice towards catering and ships staff development and betterment of the vessel. I must thank Mr. Anderson for sparing his precious time for training the staff on board the Belanak.

Year-2009 LNG Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

Mr Anderson has been of great assistance to the Master in setting the systems in place with the galley department. The galley crew onboard is new to the Company, and they needed extensive guidance, which was effectively given by Mr Anderson. Since Mr Anderson’s arrival, there has been a marked improvement in the performance of the galley staff, and the standard of the chief cook’s culinary skills have been developed to a very satisfactory level.

Mr Anderson was clearly seen to put in tremendous effort and hours into training of the galley staff and in presenting a really interesting lunch for the officers on New Year’s Day. Many thanks to him for attending, and it would be my pleasure to have him frequently onboard my vessel to further improve standards.

Year-2010 LNG Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

Mr. Henry Anderson’s arrival onboard had a 180 degree turn around on the food quality produced. The hotel services have been improved by him. The menus have been improved and improvised by Mr. Anderson. The Ethnic food produced now by the Chief Cook after Mr. Andersons training is now edible and of a very good standard, which in its self is a great improvement. Mr. Anderson has been encouraging staff all throughout his stay onboard. The SMT team onboard the AlSamriya would like to thank Mr. Anderson for all his efforts that he has given while onboard the Al-Samriya.

Year-2010 LNG Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

Mr Andersons training and instruction has been of huge benefit to the catering department. He has raised the standard of catering/food preperation/hotel managementon board. This can be seen in the general appreciation of the entire crew.

Year-2010 LNG Vessel report from Master on MCS: Chef Henry has enhanced the on board hotel and catering standards by ensuring that each and every catering staff was given full attention in their on board training and development of their professional skills. Overall it was a boon to have had Chef Henry on board especially when most of the catering staff and the chief cook were new to the company and the systems.

Year-2011 LNG Edo Report on MCS from Master Paul Lee:

I am fully satisfied and well impressed with Mr. Anderson’s performance and working skills. I also highly appreciated the fact that he is absolutely straight forward and has no hidden agendas. Also the way he manages the catering staff, sometimes under difficult conditions was very good. Mr. Anderson’s reputation has been known to me for many years but I never had the opportunity to sail with him. It has been a learning curve for myself as well for the staff and the SMT, and I feel that we have greatly benefitted from Mr. Anderson’s visit and the project. I would strongly suggest that we implement this fleet-wide and put a program in place to maintain the project on a long term basis by the use of Mr. Anderson’s company marine Catering Services.

Year-2011 LNG- Vessel Report on MCS from Master Rajesh Kurup:

Mr Anderson always came and gave daily updates even while he was being the Chief Cook. Which Mr Anderson of MCS did to help the vessel out as we had to sail without one for a period of time, in doing so he ensured that clear communication was part of his daily routine with the Master, staff and at daily work planning meetings. Mr Anderson has formulated a good system onboard this vessel that is easy to maintain. Mr Anderson has been proactive with regards to safety on a daily basis while onboard. He has been actively involved in developing and upgrading a RA, for galley cleaning and operational procedures. This helps us to cover all the risks associated with cleaning involved in the galley and catering industry requirements.

Year-2013 LNG Abuja Report from Master on MCS:

The Consultant Mr.Anderson has performed a highly successful task in changing the mind-set of the catering staff. This has given the vessel higher standards in food and in the accommodation. It has also given staff a larger amount of competency which can be seen by their working achievements. I believe that having Mr.Anderson on-board for training has benefited the vessel, SMT team and the catering staff.

Year-2013 RTM Gladstone Report form Master on MCS:

On completion of Mr Anderson’s tour we are happy with service given due to the fact there have been many improvements of the standards accrued onboard. The food standards have come up to a better level of competency. The staff are now working to correct standard of working practice. These standards will be continuously monitored after MR Anderson leaves the vessel. The new MCS mess committee report will be used next month and standards produced will be noted and sent to the office and Mr Anderson. This will enable everyone to see where a bench mark can be made so that any competency gaps can be attended to on his next visit. Report written by Master: M.A. Juwale.

Year-2013 RTM Flinders Report from Master on MCS:

The project was successfully implemented by Mr Henry Anderson. And I am pleased to inform that the changes made on-board RTM-Flinders would be of great help to keep us in line with ILO/MLC rules and regulations. The proper feedback was given by Mr Anderson on a daily basis which has motivated and encouraged good practice within the team. Follow up should be in place within six months after his departure from the vessel to ensure and monitor that the system is working correctly as per his instruction given on-board.

Year-2013 RTM Dais report from Master on MCS:

I must note that as a Master I was apprehensive at the start of this catering enhancement project i.e. wondering what it would actually perceive on-board our vessels. I have to say on completion I am more than satisfied with all parts of the project produced by Mr.Anderson while he was on-board. Mr Anderson’s professional training level is of very high standard and his performance structure is extremely proficient within all aspects of the project. I believe it has been very beneficial for the vessels staff and crew having Mr Anderson onboard to bring vessel, staffs aptitude and standards up to the required level of performance. It has been a pleasure to have Mr.Anderson onboard and I look forward to seeing his services onboard all RTM-vessels to produce continual improvements in catering training standards. Master and SMT are very happy with regard to Mr Anderson’s detailed reports on vessel.

Year-2014 RTM Dampier Report from Master on MCS:

Mr Anderson has been an asset during his short stint on board. Not only have various members of ship staff explicitly addressed their appreciation but he has given us new insights into procedures that are to be adhered to for vessel to maintain International Standard especially, in light of the stricter inspections that are now being experienced world over by local authorities.

Year-2014 RTM Cartier Report from Master on MCS:

Mr Anderson performance has made ILO/MLC requirements easy to accomplish and he has been a pleasure to work with and we would be glad to receive him back on board again.

Year-2014 TRM Dhambul Report from Master on MCS:

Mr Anderson has completed his service onboard to a very professional standard. He has applied himself to the task since he boarded the vessel. The standard of food and hotel services has improved vastly since he joined the vessel. The system setup should be audited at least once in a year to maintain the improved standards Mr Anderson has set in place. It would be a pleasure to sail with Mr Anderson again. Master: Ajay K. Abrol.

Year-2014 RTM Zheng-He Report from Master on MCS:

MCS Consultants work on-board was excellent and it covered a vast range of catering items. I was pleased to have the MCS Consultant onboard as this has educated myself and the SMT and catering staff to a far higher level of knowledge within the catering industry. I would be glad to sail with MCS Consultant at any time in the future.

Year-2014 Heavy Lift Vessel Report from Master on MCS:

I myself as a Master am really happy that the Company sent MCS services onboard they did their job very well. I believe that we now have a system to work to which can be audited correctly. I personally have informed the catering staff that they must conform to standards produced during training when MCS depart from this vessel.

Year 2014 RTM Cook Report from Master on MCS:

I feel that it has been a benefit to have MCS onboard to help us comply with the new rules and regulations in regard to ILO and MLC setup and requirements. Overall in all areas the standards have gone up within his short period of time on-board. MCS have given a professional service Mr Anderson has worked long hours to ensure all was in place and it was a good idea as per his induction for Masters and Chief Officers workshops while he was on-board.