Mission Statement

Our aim at Voyonic Marine Catering Services is to offer a personal touch and hands-on approach in an ever-growing world of corporate impersonality. Voyonic MCS will design and supply a bespoke catering package, tailored specifically to suit the individual requirements of your Company.

Voyonic Marine Catering Services will identify areas where training is needed to meet the on-board requirements of your officers and crew’s welfare from its catering and housekeeping services. In all cases Voyonic MCS will demonstrate, train and develop catering staff to accomplish and provide a high standard of service onboard.
We at Voyonic MCS never turn our backs when we see something below standard, instead we see the value in nullifying the issue immediately so correct procedures can be implemented in a more effective direction.

Our purpose at Voyonic MCS is to enhance the competency of senior staff and catering personnel employed within your Company, ensure site standards and procedures are in line with laws and regulations, and all current catering industry legislation is complied with and verified by good and accurate record keeping.

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